The Unthanks


Released 09/02/15

CD: £9.99
(including instant download track)


180g Double Vinyl with etched 4th side: £20
(including instant download track and full mp3 album)


BBC Folk Awards Album of the Year
Animated film to the single, Mount The Air:
Video to second single, Flutter:

“There are times in this life that come fairly infrequently when you are overwhelmed with the feeling that this is about as good as it gets… the music asks you to consider everything you know and un-think it. It’s beautiful yet stark, orchestral yet intimate, clever yet with simple purity, dark yet kissed with light, ascendant yet earthy and rooted.” Folk Radio

“Miles Davis said that the Rodriguez adagio melody on Sketches of Spain was “so strong” that “the softer you play it, the stronger it gets”. The same can be said of this album. Kind of beautiful, kind of blue”. ✭✭✭✭✭ The Telegraph

“I joke sometimes that I have a morbid dread of folk music, but when I first heard Rachel Unthank’s singing, I realised that the beauty was in the root and the branch too. Each new Unthanks record is deeper and richer. Adrian McNally’s delicate orchestrations frame Becky Unthank’s voice so beautifully. It is hard to choose just one song from Mount The Air. I hope you hear it all.” Elvis Costello

“Extraordinary stuff” Mark Radcliffe, BBC Radio 2 / 6 Music
"Monumentally beautiful" Pete Paphides

“The leap they’ve taken here is formidable even by their standards. A serious work that merits serious attention.” ✭✭✭✭✭ fRoots

“The seemingly limitless scale of this soaring, free-flowing collection of atmospheric songs is something that must be heard to truly understand. The resilience of tradition alongside fearless innovation, the expression is total, the devotion to its creation exceptional. Truly, ‘Mount The Air’ is a work of musical art.” Folk Words

“Rather wonderful” Lauren Laverne, BBC 6 Music
“Stunning, just produced beautifully.. it gives me goosebumps” Janice Long, BBC Radio 2

“The Unthanks seem utterly unaffected by the music scene. 'Mount the Air' finds The Unthanks at a point where they have effectively transcended genre – their takes on traditional songs flip so effortlessly between jazz, classical, ambient and post-rock as to make any attempt to put a label on them a waste of time. It sounds both wildly experimental and comfortably familiar at the same time. Buy it, play it. And then play it again, and again and again.” Penny Black Music

“Utterly entralling” ✭✭✭✭✭ Songlines

“It’s folk on a different level - airborne, perhaps. Beautiful songs like Last Lullaby and the icy Hawthorn would be stand out tracks on many other albums; here they are, laughingly, just excellent. Unfussy and uncomplicated, every note adds value and nothing is wasted. Mount The Air is the first truly jaw-dropping album of 2015.” Bright Young Folk

"It’s difficult to imagine such stunningly beautiful music being pigeonholed by anyone. Definitely in a field of one.” Acoustic Magazine

“It’s hard to think of another group anywhere who are creating music quite like this; still grounded in the sounds and spirit of their native region yet compositionally on a different planet” musicOMH

“Gorgeously orchestrated.. something about The Unthanks’ voices feels elemental.. they get under your skin and into your bones like cold weather.. its just a great record” Alexis Petridis, The Guardian

“It is, quite simply, a masterpiece.”
“The album is awesome” R2 ✭✭✭✭✭
“An epic that Sigur Rós or Elbow would be proud of.” Drowned in Sound
“Mount the Air is magnificent.. as if channeling Sufjan Stevens and Efterklang at their best” Bearded Magazine ✭✭✭✭

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