Singing At Summerhill – Fri 5th-Sun 7th May 2023


Sing, socialise, walk and eat with The Unthanks at Summerhill Pavillion and Gardens. Located in an historic Georgian Square and conservation area, you would never imagine you were just a stone’s throw from Newcastle city centre. The idyllic setting is a community trust and resource maintained by volunteers, funded through donations, subscriptions and grants, and just a ten minute walk from Newcastle Central Station making it ideal for those arriving by rail or by air via the Metrolink from Newcastle Airport.

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Your ticket does not include accommodation

Our Summerhill events are designed to combine maximum tranquility with the flexibility and convenience of excellent transport links and a wide variety of city accommodation to suit every budget. We hope that our Summerhill events are particularly well suited to individuals and groups of friends, is they allow you to find accommodation that suits your needs. There is plenty of accommodation within a 2-10 minute walk of Summerhill, and we will supply you with a list of suggestions, including a discount code for a nearby hotel, exclusive to our attendees.

Note that while meals are included, breakfast is not. You will be able to add breakfast at modest cost. This is to allow for the fact that some people will have breakfast at their accommodation. You can make this choice when we send you a menu questionnaire closer to the event, by which time you will have probably booked your accommodation so you will know what you need and don’t need.

Your ticket includes:

  • Meals and hot drinks (welcome tea and cake, dinner on Fri, lunch and dinner Sat)
  • Workshops, activities and excursions
  • Performances by The Unthanks

START: Access on site is from 3pm on the opening day. Arrival window in which you won’t miss anything key is 3-5pm.

FINISH: Event closes midday Sunday.

All hospitality and workshops by The Unthanks themselves and family.



1. Who will be at the event? 

There is usually a mix of ages from teens to pensioners, couples, friends, small groups, and lots of people come on their own. You will be looked after by a mixture of Unthank band and family members.

2. I want to look into my travel. When does the event start and finish? 

On the opening day there is an arrival ‘window’ between 3 and 5pm, during which tea and cake is served. Please note you are not permitted to arrive on site before 3pm unless you have particular unforeseen circumstances. We finish at midday on the final day. 

3. If I am late will I miss anything? 

The initial 3-5pm arrival window is entirely informal. The first proper singing session starts at 5.30pm, but if you miss it, don’t worry, it will not impact too much on the rest of your weekend. Dinner is served on the first night at 7pm. If you are later than that, we will save you some. 

4. What is the best way to arrive by rail? 

For Summerhill events, Newcastle Central is a short walk away.

For Middleton Hall, Berwick Upon Tweed is on the mainline. From there we recommend Woody’s Taxis and closer to the event we’ll provide message boards on which you can arrange taxi shares with other attendees. 01289 547009

5. How do I get from Newcastle Airport? 

For Summerhill, just get the Metrolink from the airport to Newcastle Central Station. Super quick! For Middleton Hall, you could use the Metrolink, train to Berwick Upon Tweed, taxi from there, but it’s probably a lot easier (and cheaper if there is more than one of you) to rent a small car from the airport. 

6. Travel share 

Before the event you’ll be sent a link to a message board on which you’ll be able to exchange travel offers and requests with other attendees, eg. car share, lifts from train stations, taxi shares etc.

7. What do I need to bring? 

Sturdy shoes, waterproof and warm clothes for our Saturday walk. 

8. I’m worried about singing! 

The onus on inclusiveness. You do not have to be an experienced singer to attend or enjoy it. For us, singing is about joining in. Participation over performance. You will not have to sing on your own (though there are points in the weekend when you can if you want to). Some sessions will involve a little harmony work if you are able, and you will hopefully leave knowing a good few more songs than when you arrived. Just don’t expect to learn anything technical on our weekends. We aim to create an environment that is less about learning and more about the enjoyment of group singing, and the social aspects of being with other people who share a love of folk song. The only criteria is that we do expect you to join in. 

9. I’m worried about the walk. 

Our walks tend to be around 2-3 miles, lasting an hour and a half or so. Walks sometimes end with a singing session at the pub or similar. If you have restricted mobility and cannot do any walk, we can provide transport to and from the singing session.

10. Are children allowed? 

The workshops are intended for adults, but if you have a sensible child who wants to sing and you feel will cope well on an adult singing weekend, we are not going to put a minimum age limit on your child’s maturity, so there is discretion involved and its best to ask us on an individual basis. To give examples, we’ve had one or two who have come around the age of 13 and have been every year since with a parent. We wouldn’t imagine that a child of much younger would work out too well. Ultimately, many attendees come to get away from their children, so its important for the greater good that any child coming behaves and participates as an adult would. The successful examples have been when it is just one child, not two or three. Children with other children are more likely to behave as children, while a child in exclusively adult company is likely to fit in more seamlessly. 

11. I have specific dietary requirements. Would this preclude me from attending? 

At all meal times there are usually two options, one being vegetarian. Those with specific needs or wishes such a vegans,or those with intolerances to gluten, lactose etc, will always be catered for individually, which we are very happy to do. Of course, catering semi-professionally for such a lot of people at once, we rely on the majority being ready to adapt their desires to just two choices, but looking after genuine dietary needs is nothing but a pleasure and a duty. You will be sent a menu questionnaire prior to the event.

12. Can I take photos and make recordings?
There are conditions, but yes you can. The main condition is that under no circumstances must you share or post anything publicly or online. This is more to protect you than it is us. Our events afford you the opportunity to come and sing and enjoy yourself without being observed or exposed in any way. In our world of live experiences devalued by the sharing of poor quality recordings, the weekends are designed to be an experience just for you and you alone. It is up to you to keep your recorded memories private, so that you can each participate without judgement or observation. Futhermore, each weekend has a private Facebook group which you can join, where you are allowed to upload files, share photos and keep in touch with people you have met at your weekend, so in fact you can share, but just amongst yourselves. 

13. Access 

Unfortunately neither of our current venues have full access, sorry. We are working to improve this.

14. What happens in the event of bad weather? 

In the unfortunate event that bad weather or other “acts of god” prevent you from attendance, refunds cannot be made. Cancellation due to bad weather, is so late that we have already incurred the accommodation, catering and staffing costs of your stay, without being able to recoup them ourselves. However, just as with any event booking or holiday, you may  of course elect to insure your booking and travel costs with an event/holiday insurance company. 


Here is a map showing the location

Here is a link to discover more about Summerhill Pavillion and Gardens.

Terms & Conditions

Cancellation Policy:

1, Cancellation with 3 months notice or more carries no penalty other than a £50 administration fee.
2. Cancellation with less than 3 months but more than 1 months notice incurs a £150 admin/cancellation fee
3. Cancellation with less than 1 months notice incurs the full fee unless we are able to resell the ticket(s), in which case a £150 admin/cancellation fee will apply
4. Cancellation in special or sensitive circumstances will be considered but is at the discretion of The Unthanks.
5. Cancellation in the unfortunate event of bad weather cannot be accepted. Cancellation due to bad weather is so late that we have already incurred the costs of your stay, without being able to recoup them ourselves. You may of course wish to insure your booking, you can do so with any event/holiday insurance company.

Health and Safety:

While every reasonable measure is taken to ensure your comfort and safety, The Unthanks are in no way responsible or liable for accidents, injuries, ill-health, lost or stolen property during the weekend, whether on or off the venue site. By accepting these terms you are accepting responsibility for your own health and safety during the event.