Stay an extra night at Middleton Hall


Price per room.

Thank you for booking our event, we look forward to welcoming you at Middleton Hall. Here you can add an extra night’s accommodation onto your existing booking.

The event closes at midday on the Sunday, or midday Thursday if you have booked a mid-week event. Add an extra night to the end of your stay with us for the Sunday (if you have booked a weekend event) or Thursday (if you have booked a mid-week event).

Rooms must be vacated by 10am on departure day.

If you book the extra night, there will be no additional activities or catering for the additional night, but it is an opportunity to make the most of your trip, explore the area, or just relax, either in private or with others staying on. Those staying at Middleton Hall will have access to the house’s smaller kitchen and residents of the other properties on site all have their own kitchens.

Please note, the extra night can only be added to the end of the event.

You will find your order number in the order confirmation email you received after making your booking.

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