The Unthanks are an English folk group known for their eclectic approach in combining traditional English folk, particularly Northumbrian folk music, with other musical genres.

About the Club

The Unthanks Club is free to join and easy to register. Once you’re in, you have access to content that is only available in the club. At any one time, this might include podcasts, exclusive performances, visual content.. the sort of thing you might find an artist charging a monthly fee for, except free. If you feel the urge to give something for what you enjoy, there’s an option to do that in the club.

Some of the content may have been originally aired in The Unthanks Winter Onliner. If you attended and missed anything or would like to consume some of it again, this is the place. It you didn’t, this is where you’ll get a flavour!

Content will be added sporadically. Some artists run loyalty clubs that guarantee new monthly content. That’s not for us! We’d rather create stuff when we want to, let you have it when we can, and give you the option to donate rather than charge a monthly fee. At points, there may be exclusive offers for club members.

What's included

Access free but exclusive content in The Unthanks Club. Content at anyone time might include listening parties, podcasts with The Unthanks and guests including Mackenzie Crook and Sophie Ellis Bextor, family workshops and concerts, filmed concerts, cookalongs, quizzes...

What's included

To join, simply register below. Also, you will automatically become a club member if you register on the site for an account, making future purchases easier, as well as getting access to free and exclusive content!

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